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απάγκειο | suntrap
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*απάγκειο*|*suntrap*, [Teaser]
Experimental Short Film, Drama, 2018, #9941

The film presents the monologue of an anonymous middle-aged actor, in a place that appears to be an empty, dark theatre.
As the actor prepares for the stage he seems skeptical. Does the monologue appeal to the public, or to himself looking in the mirror?
Referring as an allegory the evolution of the worm into a butterfly, the film brings the viewer against family issues, human maturity and happiness.

Directed by

Constantinos S. Constantinou

Assistant Director

Aimilia Vrotsou

Written by

Constantinos S. Constantinou

The film is based on a book by Stelios Domalis "The Chaos [2]", Larissa / Greece, 1990

Dimitris Karambetsis

Make-up Artist
Christos Theophanous

Costume Designer
Evanthia Stefanopoulou

Graphic Designer
Andreas Constantinides

Special thanks
Eleni Moustaka, Chrysostomos Sakallis, Konstantinos Tountas and Louiza Vradi

Country: Athens | Greece

Language: Greek

Runtime: 00:06:08


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