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Airport LGAT "Hellinikon" (Trailer)
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Airport LGAT "Hellinikon"

Airport LGAT "Hellinikon", [Trailer]
Short Documentary, 2014, #9303

The basic idea of ​​the project "Airport LGAT - Hellinikon" (Stories and recollections of the western part of the airport through Olympic Airways) began in May 2013.
The motivation behind the creation of this work, was the fact that one of the team's members used to have a personal relationship not only with the Hellinikon
Airport area but also with Olympic Airways. The main goal of this undertaking was to approach the site with respect to the place and the history it carries,
while at the same time create an artistic result that evokes emotions. The project consists of the following mediums: video animation, installations, photographic
material and a documentary. The video animation and the installations were undertaken by Maria Tolia, whilst Aimilia Vrotsou had taken over the photographic part.
Lastly, the documentary was created by Giannis Floulis and Constantinos S. Constantinou. Part of the collaborative project "Airport LGAT - Hellinikon"
was showcased on 2014 at the Melina Mercouri Museum - Cultural Centre in Athens.

Directed by

Giannis Floulis &

Constantinos S. Constantinou

Written by

Giannis Floulis &

Constantinos S. Constantinou

Music by
Nasos Patsikas

Graphic Designer

Andonis Moushis

Special thanks

Maria Tolia and Aimilia Vrotsou

Country: Athens | Greece

Language: Greek

Runtime: 00:27:27


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